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Event management / Planning

At the management level, a successful project relies on the expertise of a small group of key people that are tasked with ensuring that all disciplines work in harmony to achieve the project’s goals. It is imperative that these people have extensive skills, knowledge and experience in their respective fields as their actions directly impact all areas of the project.

With 35 years of industry experience, OGPSS offers event management consulting services that cover all the planning-related aspects of a project such as:

• Liaise with stakeholders for thorough scope collection and challenging, to create a complete and relevant project scope that will address a plant’s critical production and maintenance issues.

• Analyse the project scope and develop a detailed scope of work that defines all relevant activities and procurement resources

• Overall management of planning and scheduling activities against project time and budget constraints

• Manage pre-turnaround activities such as fabrication and long-lead item procurement

• Track progress, coordinate and report on activities within the execution phase

• Aid in project close-out analysis and reporting


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