OGPSS - Training

About Our Training

Carefully designed by experts with over 50 years of experience, our course material is relevant to our learner’s immediate environment, to be utilized practically and safely upon completion.
Theoretical, practical, and work-experience modules have been defined by their ability to maximize learning potential and personal expertise. We bring you custom-made frameworks that are accessible to all levels of proficiency

Our training belief

Empowering and uplifting workforces, to promote worker well-being and quality outcomes, is at the core of our training principles.
We strongly believe that the success of any project is directly tied to the skill and experience of a dynamic team, from senior management to the artisan workforce.
Our ability to provide world class engineering education to learners is vital in the information age. Making knowledge accessible to all, is possible by utilizing our expertise in:

 Visual communication

Guided Video Tutorials

2D Infographics

3D Models of Industrial Equipment

Digitally Illustrated Training Manuals

  Technical development

Training Needs Analysis

Course Structure Design

Course Material Development (to client’s needs)

Training Facilitation and Execution

Training Modules

Unskilled training
Planning scheduling
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