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Artisan Skills Training centre

The training strategy calls for worksite supervisors to be course facilitators. The client nominates potential facilitators, based on their subject knowledge and experience, who are then trained to ensure the course can be facilitated effectively, and provide learners with the highest quality experience during training

Leadership courseCandidate facilitators are given a basic leadership course to empower them with the essential skills required in a team leader.

These skills will allow them to effectively:

•Gain the respect of the classroom
•Control the flow of discussions and questions

This training is designed to impart the required skills for live classroom facilitation:
  1. Plan lessons
  2. Execute the training plan
  3. Engage learners proactively and professionally
  4. Understand the use of materials and visual aids, after coaching
  5. Assess learner capabilities and engagement
  6. Feedback and reporting


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