OGPSS - Event Management

Event management Planning

Successfully implementing Construction Management for Turnarounds, requires a vast array of skills and experience. 
Effective management of a diverse, complex, and multi-layered event requires strict attention to detail and command over a list of responsibilites:


  • End-to-End Management of
    • All equipment replacement fabrication, according to the “repair/ replace” strategy
    • Turnaround Materials for assigned Work Packs
    • Materials Management for TA Organization, before, during and after Execution
    • Logistics Planning and Development for Temporary Facilities
    • Support Turnaround Block Leads for Material Logistics Supervision
  • TSOW Compilation for Engineering Contractor selection
  • Project Management of Equipment Manufacturing, aligned to Design & Verification Code Compliance standards
  • Manufacturer Supply Chain Progress Reporting
  • Materials/ Equipment Tendering and Contract Strategy for procurement
  • Full Equipment Fabrication Guidance and Integration for Turnaround MMCs
  • Lead Coordination of Engineering Support for Turnaround Planning
  • Control of the Long Lead Materials Process


shutdown specialist

A Shutdown Specialist is an important asset to any team in the world of Planned Maintenance.

The ability to solve problems swiftly and effectively, within a large and complex event such a Shutdown, allows Organizations to have better control over risk mitigation and project safety.

Technical Operations Specialization for Shutdowns, relies on the following services at its core:

  •  New Business Development and Project Liaison for New Clients
  • Operation Expansion through Industry Diversification beyond Oil & Gas
  • Tender Consultant:
    • Site Evaluations and Tender Review
    • Resource Histogram Verification
  • Reporting at Management MeetingsMentorship of Junior Coordinators within the Company
    • Pre-TA Readiness Review
    • Execution Reports
  • Manage Development of:
    • Shutdown Training Programs
    • Shutdown Planning Systems
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